Below is a list of public policies we as server staff abide by. The purpose of these policies is to have consistency in our decision making and more transparency for our community on how we handle certain situations.


→ If a tribe is insided, the victims are NOT to be reimbursed for any loss of items, dinos and structures. Insiding is taken very seriously on MTS servers. It is a Tribe Leaders' responsibility to ensure that trustful members are invited to their tribes, and MTS is not accountable for careless management from players and their tribe's belongings. Tribe ranks can be set up to avoid certain members from accessing, interacting, or demolishing specific tribe structures and tames through activation ranks, these restrictions are also applied to Pick Up guns. It is highly recommended you set up Tribe Governance to reduce the risk of this from happening. Exceptions can be made following extreme circumstances.


→ After being found guilty, If an insider agrees to return all insided belongings back to the victim tribe to their satisfaction, then the ban may be shortened or lifted.

→ Players must acknowledge when playing in tribes whoever the leader of the tribe is in game is entitled to do whatever they wish with the tribe's roster or belongings. This policy is map specific.

→ When we perform enforcement, we will not immediately disclose full details or share evidence that was used in the process of punishing a player or tribe. This is to prevent metagaming and to protect our methods of catching cheaters to maintain a fair and safe environment so that the knowledge cannot be used in future scenarios.

→ If a tribe is reported and found guilty for a breach of our rules or code of conduct, but admins are unsure of who the actual individual culprit(s) are. MTS staff will ban the tribe leader initially, once the tribe comes forward and discuss who the individual(s) are who broke said rule and investigations are complete, innocent member(s) may be unbanned and the rightful member(s) ban will be applied.

→ We do not accept discord messages as viable proof, as these can be forged. Exceptions can be made when identities are confirmed by MTS Admins.

→ If a player logs in after connecting, relogging or after a server restart to find themselves falling under the world and eventually leading to death. Then the player is not to be reimbursed for their gear - there are multiple warnings put out regarding this avoidable bug that commonly happens on Aberration and Extinction maps in particular. Players must understand the risk when logging out with valuable gear on their persons. Falling through the world when using climbing picks, or connecting after a server crash for example is different and can be compensated.

→ When Tribe Leaders become inactive, unpopular or tyrannical. Members of the tribe can request the current Leadership to be forcefully overthrown. The tribe must have more than half of their roster in agreement for the change - Open a ticket for instructions and further details on this process.

→ We do not refund any loot from boss fights unless evidence of a truly unavoidable glitch occurs. Boss bodies disappearing after being killed do not qualify as refundable loot. To ensure you receive the loot from a boss fight, ensure the last hit is vs. a grounded boss with a tame with under half weight. Using "cheese" methods such as shotguns from inaccessible areas etc does not qualify for compensation.