avg wipe 6-7 DAYS

One of our most popular clusters and game modes. Beginners cluster is a shorter term experience that mimics the main cluster in a faster paced environment.  Featuring 5 maps, this cluster is a fresh start for all players on a wipe cycle with the ultimate goal of building up and joining the main cluster with all your earned tribe belongings at the end of the server cycle.

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How does it work?
Beginners will launch with 5 maps. One of each for Crystal Isles, Ragnarok, The Center, The Island, and Valguero at the start of the cluster. The servers will all be boosted rates throughout the duration of the cycle. Player's will all start fresh, with new characters and build up as normal.


Friday - Beginner's Launch 
Monday - Transferring opens (see below)
Wednesday - Beginners Shutdown, relaunch following Friday in calender.

Beginners Transferring
After the launch weekend. Full transferring from Beginners to Main will now be enabled. Players can only take chracters back to Beginners from Main to protect those tribes as they transfer. Ensure NOTHING is left inside your Ark Data prior to Transfers enabling including Characters, Items, and Dinos as when we move the cluster directory it resets the Ark Data so anything uploaded will be lost.




  • Crystal Isles Beginners

  • Ragnarok Beginners

  • The Center Beginners

  • The Island Beginners

  • Valguero Beginners


  • Experience = 5.0

  • Harvesting = 5.0

  • Taming = 5.0

  • Breeding = 10.0

  • Mating Interval = 0.5

  • Baby Imprint Interval = 0.5

  • Imprint Amount Scale = 2.0

  • Crop Growth = 3.0

  • Cave Damage = 6.0

  • Player Food/Water Consumption = 0.5

  • Loot Quality = 1.2

  • Fishing Loot Quality = 1.2

  • PlayerFortitudePerLevelStatsMultiplier = 5.0

  • PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier = 0.58

  • Day Time Speed = 1.0

  • Night Time Speed = 1.0

  • Saddle Armour Clamp = 124%/99.2%

  • Weapon Damage Clamp = 298%

  • Flak Armour Clamp = 496

  • Max Durability Clamp = 1250


  • Mode = PvP

  • Tribe Limit = 6

  • Max Player Level = 105+ Ascensions

  • Max Wild Dino Level = 150

  • Unlimited Mindwipe Respecs = True

  • Tribe Tame Limit = 850

  • Tribemate Imprints = True

  • Diseases = False

  • Infinite Structure Pickup = True

  • Alliance System = False

  • Custom Recipes = True

  • Corpse Locater = True

  • Console Gamma = True

  • No Collision Building = True

  • Auto Unlock Engrams = True

  • Show Floating Damage = False

  • Transfer Timers = False

  • Admin Logging = True

  • Tribe Slot Reuse Cooldown = 6 Hours

  • Structure Pickup Time = 1s


  • Loot Quality = 1.2 → 1.3


Friday 00.00am - Sunday 12:00am. (72 Hours)


  • More Than Structures

  • Bitou2k's Binocular

  • Community Mod

  • Auto Engrams!

  • WShopUI


  • HG Neuter Gun

  • Evo Source

  • Evo Merch

  • MTS TheCenter Extension

  • MTS TheIsland Extension

  • MTS Ragnarok Extension

  • MTS Valguero Extension

Click for Steam Mod Pack


Mesh Detection System

This system will still allow for the quality of life of no collision building with a check for each structure placed if it is possible to be destroyed from a legitimate game world space. This means being able to destroy it with C4 etc. If you place a structure too far into the mesh now, resulting in that structure becoming invulnerable to damage, our system will detect that it's too far meshed and will destroy it automatically. Basically, no more frustration of enemy meshed foundations preventing you from building

MTS Community Mod

MTS brings many balance changes, quality of life additions, new abilities to creatures & more via a workshop mod. Enjoy ARK with the most thought out and balanced PvP mod currently available on Steam. Full mod changes can be viewed here

MTS Map Extensions

MTSArk proudly presents our Map Extensions mods. The purpose of these mods is to tackle some of ARK's strongest & weakest caves in PvP servers to optimize them to their maximum for balanced gameplay. Showcase Video

Modified Dino Spawn Level Distribution

Equalizes high Dino level frequency distribution for spawns on all maps to match the higher levels seen on Ragnarok and The Center

Ark Shop

Passively earn points as you play. Redeem kits, buy & sell helpful items and dinos from our limited in-game /shop


Every hour a lottery will begin, gamble your points and roll a number between 1-1000. Highest roll will win the entry pot

Private Messaging

Send private messages to other players on your map

No Collision Structure Exceptions

Our servers use no collision building for quality of life. However, the following structures have collision enabled during placement for balance reasons; Sleeping Bags, Wooden Cage, Ocean Platforms, Dino Gateways, Billboards, Spikes and Fence Supports

PvP Cooldown

Any player or structure PvP within render range of your player will trigger a 60 second cooldown that will reset each time new damage is applied. During this cooldown, the use of the following items and chat commands are blocked; S+ Omni Tool, S+ Multi-Tool, /suicide, /shop, /kit and /buy until the cooldown has ended

Dino Tame Limits

Currently, Gacha's have a tame limit of 8. No Gachas can be claimed, downloaded or exit cryopods while there are 8 Gachas present on a map per tribe. And Raft's have a limit of 2.

PvP Rewards

Every time a player is killed during PvP. 10% of the victim's points total is subtracted from their balance and rewarded to the killer

Pick Up Preventions

All structures can be permanently picked up for quality of life by using the radial menu. However, the following structures cannot be picked up for balance reasons; Cannons

Exclusive Name System

All players on our cluster must have a unique name. If a name you are trying to use is already taken, you will have to use a different character name. Player's can reserve their preferred name buy purchasing a "Name Reservation" from our MTS store

No Disconnects on Slot Cap Transferring

All newborn dinos will automatically be set to disable ally looking and disable wandering by default on MTS servers

Instant Level Ups for Dinos

Bored of auto-clicking all level-ups? Type levelhp <amount> and it will level up instantly that many times. (Currently only works for Dinos HP stat)

Glitched Wyvern, Magamsaur, Rock Drake, Deinonychus Nest prevention system

Any fertilized eggs dropped from a dino's inventory, will now be auto-deleted upon dropping. This means no more eggs will become stuck in a "glitched" status, and wild nests will be able to consistently supply eggs for players to obtain

No Grapple Glitch

It is now impossible to use the commonly known "Grapple Glitch" on MTS servers

Beaver Dam Cleanup

Once a beaver dam is opened and an item or dropped or taken out, a 120s timer will start, at the end of the timer. The Beaver Dam will despawn, allowing a new one with new resources to spawn a short while later

Customizable Baby Claiming Settings

You can now toggle on or off for the following options for your newly claimed babies! No Ally Looking, Passive, Ignore Group Whistles, Unfollow, Target Concious Only, Target Range High, Player Name on Dino, Do Not Prompt for Dino Name & Dino Stats Naming. Customise the settings to your liking. Using /babysettings in global chat

Cross Cluster Global & Tribe Chat

Players can now see global chats from all other maps on the cluster. Your Tribe's chat will also be synced across the cluster. You can speak to Tribe Members on other maps using tribe chat


Taming Permanently disabled

  • Ovis

Taming Enabled after 24 hours

  • Rock Elemental


Offline Raid Protection is a system where when your Tribe is offline your structures take reduced damage and your turret's deal more damage. ORP activation happens after an interval of your final tribe member disconnecting from a server. ORP is map-specific and does not 100% protect you from offline raids.

ORP Settings

  • ​Default Time to activate = 1 hour 

  • PvP Cooldown Time to activate = 3 hours 

  • Max ORP Duration = 72 hours 

  • Structure Resistance = 0.5x

  • Turret Damage = 2.0x

  • Max Tribe ORPs per map = 1 

  • ORP in 6x Caves = False

  • ORP Structure Health = 10,000

  • ORP Range = Approx. 85 foundations

ORP Setup

  1. Craft MAGA ORP structure engram.

  2. Place it in your desired location, remember other players can destroy this structure to remove your ORP buff so ensure it's protected.

  3. When your tribe goes offline your ORP will activate automatically after the intervals stated above.


  • Camera

  • Small Taxidermy Base

  • Medium Taxidermy Base

  • Large Taxidermy Base​

  • Flexible Pipes


  • Resource Pulling = True

  • Allow S+ Intake without Water = True

  • S+ Crafting Speed = 2x

  • S+ Nanny Imprinting = 50%

  • S+ Omni Tool Advanced Transfering Blacklist = Rocket Launcher, MEK Modules, TEK Armour, TEK Forcefield, TEK Rifle, TEK Railgun, Turrets, Fertilised Giga Eggs


All S+ engrams have been disabled, apart from the following;

  • S+ Stone Pipe Intake

  • S+ Stone Pipe Tap

  • S+ Feeding Trough

  • S+ Animal Tender

  • S+ Hatchery

  • S+ Nanny

  • S+ Glass Wall

  • S+ Glass Ceiling

  • S+ Fabricator

  • S+ Refrigerator

  • S+ Air Conditioner

  • S+ Industrial Grinder

  • S+ Domesticated Bee Hive

  • S+ Industrial Forge

  • S+ Chemistry Bench

  • S+ Industrial Cooker

  • S+ Multi Tool

  • S+ Omni Tool


From Server Rules:

2.4 No building in any location where player entry requires knocked unconscious, wooden chairs, reach dino riding, ziplines or anything similar. 

To check a location, in single player type the command. cheat spi <coordinates> which will teleport you to the spot.

Crystal Isles

  • All Artifact Caves or Artifact spawn locations on Crystal Isles #1 (Main) only.


  • 125232 -577462 -43793 138.72 -43.70

The Center

  • 53112 622768 21616 110.43 48.33

  • 4287 92453 -23805 -18.22 -7.17

  • -256344 81633 6494 100.34 -3.62

  • -368399 49763 -44341 -51.59 -11.71


  • -235570 -323088 2245 147.32 -19.92

  • -252209 -328401 -1646 3.08 -31.50