Beginners Server Pass will last for the duration of a cycle of Beginners Servers.


Est. Delivery 1-24 Hours



Items Included in this package:


  • Whitelist for all Beginners Servers during a entire cycle of beginners. (Ragnarok, The Island, The Center, Aberration, Scorched Earth, Extinction, Valguero & Genesis.)


ARK Whitelist allows you to join a server even when full with instant join and faster loading times. No long waits or disappointment at a capped server.




After payment please head to to create a delivery request. This is a requirement. Failure to do so will delay your items being delivered.


Please note, Beginners Server Pass is for the current or upcoming beginners server cycle and not for X amount of days, beginners schedule and length can be changed at any time. You cannot use your Beginners Server pass over mutliple cycles and it does not compensate for any days if you purchase it after beginners has already started. Your pass access will end at the conclusion of the cycle of beginners servers. You must acknowledge this when purchasing.

Beginners Server Pass


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