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Playstation cluster

avg wipe 2+ months

MTS finally makes its long-awaited debut on console. Main cluster is the most competitive long term ARK experience we have to offer.  These are extreme Player versus Player focused servers and players should expect lots of player killing, griefing, and raiding. A massive 9+ map cluster where hundreds of tribes work on their dino lines and maximizing their resources & weapon arsenals all to compete for the title of "Alpha Tribe". Only the strongest will survive.

How to Join



  • Aberration1 - MTSArk.co.uk PS - 5x [Aberration1]

  • Crystal Isles1 - MTSArk.co.uk PS - 5x [CrystalIsles1]

  • Extinction1 - MTSArk.co.uk PS - 5x [Extinction1]

  • Genesis1 - MTSArk.co.uk PS - 5x [Genesis1]

  • Ragnarok1 - MTSArk.co.uk PS - 5x [Ragnarok1]

  • Scorched Earth1 - MTSArk.co.uk PS - 5x [ScorchedEarth1]

  • The Center1 - MTSArk.co.uk PS - 5x [TheCenter1]

  • The Island1 - MTSArk.co.uk PS - 5x [TheIsland1]

  • Valguero1 - MTSArk.co.uk PS - 5x [Valguero1]

Search "MTSArk" on Unofficial PC Sessions on Playstation Server Browser.


  • Experience = 5.0

  • Harvesting = 5.0

  • Taming = 10.0

  • Breeding = 20.0

  • Mating Interval = 0.5

  • Baby Imprint Interval = 0.5

  • Imprint Amount Scale = 2.5

  • Crop Growth = 3.0

  • Cave Damage = 6.0

  • Player Food/Water Consumption = 0.5

  • Loot Quality = 1.0

  • Fishing Loot Quality = 1.2

  • PlayerFortitudePerLevelStatsMultiplier = 5.0

  • PlayerWeightPerLevelStatsMultiplier = 3.0

  • TamedDinoWeightPerLevelStatsMultiplier = 3.0

  • PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier = 0.58

  • Day Time Speed = 1.0

  • Night Time Speed = 1.0

  • Saddle Armour Clamp = 124%/99.2%

  • Weapon Damage Clamp = 298%

  • Flak Armour Clamp = 496

  • Max Durability Clamp = 1250


  • Mode = PvP

  • Tribe Limit = 8 Man

  • Max Player Level = 105+ Ascensions

  • Max Wild Dino Level = 150

  • Unlimited Mindwipe Respecs = True

  • Tribe Tame Limit = 500

  • Tribemate Imprints = True

  • Structure Pickup after Placement = 30 mins

  • Diseases = False

  • Alliance System = False

  • Custom Recipes = True

  • Corpse Locater = True

  • Console Gamma = True

  • No Collision Building = True

  • Auto Unlock Engrams = True

  • Show Floating Damage = False

  • Transfer Timers = False

  • Admin Logging = True

  • Tribe Slot Reuse Cooldown = 6 Hours


Taming Permanently disabled

  • Enforcer

  • Ovis

Taming Enabled after 48 hours

  • Griffin

  • Managarmr

  • Stego

  • Gacha

  • Crystal Wyverns

Taming Enabled after 7 days

  • Rock Elemental

  • Gasbag

  • Megachelon

  • Titanosaur

  • Ice Titan

  • Forest Titan

  • Desert Titan


Common Stacks +500

Substrate Absorbent, Achatina Paste, Annonite Blood, Angler Gel, Black Pearl, Blue Crystalized Sap, Blue Gem, Cementing Paste, Charcoal, Chitin, Keratin, Clay, Condensed Gas, Congealed Gas Ball, Crystal, Electronics, Element Ore, Fiber, Flint, Fragmented Green Gem, Fungal Wood, Corrupted Wood, Gasoline, Green Gem, Gunpowder, Hide, Human Hair, Leech Blood, Metal Ingot, Metal, Narcotic, Obsidian, Oil,  Oil (Tuso), Pelt, Preserving Salt, Propellant, Rare Flower, Rare Mushroom, Raw Salt, Re-Fertilizer, Red Crystalized Sap, Red Gem, Sand, Sap, Scrap Metal, Scrap Metal Ingot, Turtle Shell Fragment, Silica Pearls, Silicate, Silk, Sparkpowder, Stimulant, Stone, Sulfur, Thatch, Wood, Wool, Raw Meat, Spoiled Meat, Cooked Meat, Raw Fish Meat, Cooked Fish Meat, Amarberry, Azulberry, Mejoberry, Narcoberry, Stimberry, Tintoberry, Cactus Sap, Citronal, Longrass, Rockarrot, Savoroot, Aggeravic Mushroom, Aquatic Mushroom, Ascerbic Mushroom, Auric Mushroom, Mushroom Soup, Bio Toxin, Amarberry Seed, Azulberry Seed, Citronal Seed, Longrass Seed, Mejoberry Seed, Narcoberry Seed, Plant X Seed, Plant Y Seed, Rockarrot Seed, Savoroot Seed, Stimberry Seed, Tintoberry Seed.

Ammo Stacks +250

Advanced Sniper Bullet, Advanced Bullet, Boulder, C4 Charge, Flame Arrow, Metal Arrow, Pheromone Dart, Rocket Homing Missle, Rocket Propelled Grenade, Shocking Tranq Dart, Simple Bullet, Simple Rifle Bullet, Simple Shotgun Bullet, Ballista Arrow, Stone Arrow, Tranq Arrow, Tranq Dart, Tranq Spear Bolt.

Consumables Stacks +100

Cooked Prime Meat, Cooked Prime Meat Jerky, Cooked Meat Jerky, Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Cooked Lamb Chop.

Rare Resource Stacks +50

Corrupted Nodule, Organic Polymer.

Special Stacks +20

Raw Prime Meat, Raw Prime Fish Meat, Raw Mutton, Sweet Veggie Cake, Honey, Grappling Hook.

Special Stacks +10


If the item or resource you are looking forward is not listed above - this means it has it's default stack size from official servers.


Green Supply Beacon

Chance of 1-2 random types of Kibble. Chance to find possible items stacks between 1-3 of; Basic Kibble, Simple Kibble, Regular Kibble, Superior Kibble, Exceptional Kibble, Extraordinary Kibble.

Green Supply Beacon (Double)

Chance of 2-3 random types of Kibble. Chance to find possible items stacks between 2-3 of; Basic Kibble, Simple Kibble, Regular Kibble, Superior Kibble, Exceptional Kibble, Extraordinary Kibble.


Increased Engram Points per Level

Receive a higher amount of Engram Points each time you level up to allow you to learn more crafting recipes.

Increased Imprinting & Tribe Mate Imprints

Receive a higher amount of imprint per cuddle and be able to imprint all dinos in your tribe.

Increased Player Weight & Fortitude per level

To scale with increased stack sizes, Players will now gain double levels into weight eg. 100 → 120 → 140, etc per level. Fortitude will now also go up in 10s per level.

Increased Stack Sizes

Almost all stacks have at least been doubled for easier management of resources.

30 Minute Structure Pick up

All structures you place can be picked up within 30 minutes of original placement.

Custom Supply Drops

Gain access to crafted kibble straight from Green Drops to help with taming and more.

No Collision Building

Enjoy the freedom of building with no collision.


  • Camera

  • Small Taxidermy Base

  • Medium Taxidermy Base

  • Large Taxidermy Base​

  • Hide Sleeping Bag

  • Wooden Cage


All Maps

  • All locations where entry requires player knocked unconscious, grappling hook, wooden chairs, dino riding, ziplines or anything similar

  • Any locations where there are see-through textures

  • Player spawn points

  • Wyvern Scars


  • Shadow Cave - Link

Crystal Isles

  • All Artifact Caves/Spawns


  • Inside Volcano - Link

  • All Missions Zones 

The Center

  • Center Pearl Cave - Link

  • Center North Ice Cave - Link

Any tribes found built inside or within a prohibited area are subject to having their structures removed forcefully without warning.