Welcome to the MoreThanSurvivors community. MTS is one of the largest PvP communities est. Feb 2018 and is the greatest ARK experience and safe haven from meshing, rule breakers and cheaters. We run minimalistic, quality of life mods to keep the experience vanilla as true to the original game as possible, no overkill P2W mechanics found on other unofficials with PvP balance being our main focus - We have a unique game mode server with special 6 Man Tribe Limit and 3x Structure Resistance and 3x Turret Damage Offline Raid Protection. We also provide a balanced ruleset where we are determined to appeal to all players, followed up by a professional and structured support system to make your overall experience on our servers reach maximum potential. We run our cluster from the best hardware available to ensure our server performance and player ping is unrivaled in Ark: Survival Evolved thanks to our sponsors Nitrado.

If that sounds like the way you wish to play Ark, then you've found the right community. Welcome to your new home..

Welcome to MTS™


"MTS more like mtYES."
"MTS best ark servers out there, played by the biggest ark youtubers, run by the best admins that listen to the community, and it is just the beginning of much more to come!"
"Frustratingly good!"
"More Than Survivors is the best. If you enjoy small tribe PvP without the hardships of official then look no further."
"Great PVP experience!"


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